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Starring Chip 'N' Dale (1991)

Format: VHS
Includes the animated shorts:
  • Working for Peanuts
  • Donald Applecore
  • Dragon Around

Nuts About Chip 'N' Dale (1991)

Format: VHS
Includes the animated shorts:
  • Trailer Horn
  • Food for Feudin'
  • Two Chips and a Miss


Available Format:

Darkwing Duck doubles up with Disney's rollicking chipmunks, Chip 'n' Dale, for spellbinding encounters with two wacky witches! Come along for mystical be-WITCH-ing fun! In "Ghoul Of My Dreams," Darkwing Duck comes to the rescue when the ruler of the dream world tries to put all the citizens of St. Canard to sleep! Can Witch Morgana, Darkwing's sweetheart, help save the day? Then, in "Good Times, Bat Times," Chip 'n' Dale befriend an apprentice witch whose potion goes haywire! Her lovesick bat falls under a spell that creates plenty of Rescue Ranger fun!

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